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Initially, Watoto Momella targets about 25 children aged between three and four years old, and supports their educational development until they turn seven years old and are ready for primary schooling in our partner school, the Ngorika Primary School. The children at Watoto Momella are taught in a bilingually – in Kiswahili and English. We implemented the concept of Maria Montessori as the fundamental principles of our curriculum. It offers a line of specific materials building upon each other that allows the children to establish a strong foundation in psychological and cognitive areas as well as senso-motor skills. We train the children for a future life in a rapidly changing environment and social structure. The Watoto Momella Preschool opened for the village on August 29th 2009. Present was the Bruchhausen-Vilsen Rotary Club who sponsored the building of the school and were a huge help with preparations (painting the school, general support! etc.).
Since its opening the school grew year by year due to the generous support of many people worldwide. When they have finished their preschool time at Watoto Momella at the age of seven, our children move on to the Ngorika Primary School. The school was founded by good hope centre e.V., Stichting Vrienden van Tanzania (SVVT) and the Udo-Lindenberg-Stiftung, Germany. In 2012, 18 students were taught at the Ngorika Primary School. Each year we admit 8-10 new children. In 2013 the MomellaFoundation will care for the education of 51 children.

good hope centre e.V. was founded in 2005 by a group of German businessmen after a trip to Tanzania. They wanted to help orphans and street kids in the urban area of Arusha. An orphanage was built. In 2009 the German society cooperated with Stichting Vrienden van Tanzania (SVVT) and together they built two orphanages, a preschool and the Ngorika Primary School, all of which are financed through both societies with the support of the Udo-Lindenberg-Foundation until today. The management on site is held by Marion Hasselaar. The project is financed totally by donations. Since 2010 the MomellaFoundation cooperates with good hope centre e.V. And we are happy that our holistic educational approach is practiced at Ngorika Primary School likewise and we can therefore guarantee a long-time and profound education for our children.

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Godparents Project

Godparents Project

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