Foundation Management

Marlies Gabriel is overseeing and managing all the various projects.
Jörg Gabriel is in charge of the financial, operational and logistical well being of all the projects.
Kathleen Händel is the Project Coordinator of the MomellaFoundation and responsible for sponsoring, marketing and the maintenance of all projects.
Innocent Mtana is the accountant of the MomellaFoundation.

Foundation Team

Watoto Momella Preschool
Jacinta Mwololo is an examined primary school teacher from Kenya and our teacher at Watoto Momella Preschool.
Agnes Joshua supports all actions at Watoto Momella as the assistant teacher being in charge of operation and logistics.
John Obas Mafie drives our very own school bus with the older children from Momella to the Ngorika Primary School/return and daily.
The maintenance of the Watoto Momella school house and school garden is the responsibility of Ruben Arasululu, the housekeeper.

Hatari Forest Garden
Franko Göhse is the technical director of the Hatari Forest Garden Project.
Peter Noel, Emmanuel Jackson, Barakael Luca and Freddy Laizer are our gardeners.

Mama Momella
Marlies Gabriel is the designer.
Upendo Mgonja is the operational and logistical head of the tailors at Mama Momella.
Margreth Ngoti, Sarafina Kisetu, Juliana Emmanuel, Hamisi Mohamed and Hassan Chama are the team of tailors.

Big Cat Guardians
Leela Hazzah, the director of Lion Guardians Kenya.
Philip Briggs is the coordinator of the Lion Guardians Project Tanzania.