Project Financing Watoto Momella

The Watoto Momella Godparents Project has been put into place to find sponsors to provide the children continuously with a high standard of education that is so important from pre-school onwards. Watoto Momella intends to seek sponsors for all children to support their education. Many children throughout the country will leave school at the age of 7 to go and help their families with agriculture or looking after the livestock. We want to ensure that the appropriate educational resources are available and the children are properly looked after in this sense.

The Watoto Momella Godparents Project supports the sponsorship of a child including: school uniforms and schooling materials, school fees for the children who already attend the Ngorika Primary School, two dishes per day, drinks, sanitary and medical items, as well as all costs for the maintenance of the project including the salaries of our teachers, the school chef, the housekeeper and the bus driver. There are also maintenance costs of the school house and the school bus as well as transportation costs.

Due to continuity and stability for each child, we ask for the minimum sponsorship of 1 year. One-off and all other donations to Watoto Momella are also welcome.

The annual amount for sponsoring a WatotoMomella child is 1035 USD or 795 EUR in 2013.

*Marlies and Jörg Gabriel, founders of the MomellaFoundation and owners of the Hatari Lodge at the edge of Arusha National Park and the Shu'mata Camp in the Maasai Steppe, give a 50% deduction on all accommodation at Hatari Lodge to the godparents of Watoto Momella.

If you want to join us and would like to become a godparent of a WatotoMomella child please contact:


Application Form – Godparentship WatotoMomella

Application Form – Godparentship WatotoMomella

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