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Big Cat Guardians Project

By supporting the Lion Guardians you already assist to protect the highly endangered lion population of the Maasai Steppe. By becoming a godparent of a lion guardian you are supporting the Maasai bomas from being attack and at the same time you are protecting the lion from being speared. Your support works both ways and has a dual function. 

The salary of one guardian is 1512 USD per year.

You could support the guards with a one-off donation or a half-a-year donation of 756 USD or even a quarterly donation of 378 USD will do as well as a monthly amount of 126 USD.
Lending your support towards our selected lion guardians is equal to 4.20 USD a day! and directly supports the crucial surveil of the king of beast - the lion!
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Lion Guardians Flyer

Lion Guardians Flyer

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