Partnership AKO - Aktionskreis Ostafrika e.V.

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The organisation AKO - Aktionskreis Ostafrika e.V. and the MomellaFoundation joined forces! _ and now have the opportunity to issue tax refundable certificates which are valid following the German tax law. AKO - Aktionskreis Ostafrika, was founded in 1987 and has its main office in Traunstein, Germany. The association supports countries in East Africa with the main focus on Tanzania. The core themes are infrastructure, health, education and employment in the regions of Kilimanjaro and Arusha. The association is aiming to improve the social, economic, ecological, medical and educational living conditions of indigent people in the named regions. Amongst other things, Aktionskreis Ostafrika founded a medical centre in Kibosho, Tanzania. From here they organise various medical outreaches on a regular basis regularly which are now supported through the cooperation with the MomellaFoundation.

All donations received by the MomellaFoundation and in the EURO currency qualify for a tax refundable receipt when transferring their funds to:

AKO – Aktionskreis Ostafrika
Kreissparkasse Traunstein
Kto 5763099
BLZ 710 520 50
IBAN DE41 7105 2050 0005 7630 99

The keyword: 'Momella' should be given as reference plus the name of the project you would like to support (e.g. Momella - Watoto). Please ensure that we receive your correct postal address for the tax refundable certificates. For bank transfers in US Dollar we can only issue a Tanzanian donation certificate.

For transfers in the US Dollar currency the following Tanzanian account is valid:

Momella Foundation Ltd.
P.O.Box 3171
Arusha Tanzania
Momella Road Arusha National Park

Standard Chartered Bank
P.O.Box 3000 Arusha Tanzania
Sykes Building, Goliondoi Road
Account No. 870 201 461 0800