Mama Momella

The local women get a chance to generate their own income. Besides assisting with the financial needs of the families, this will strengthen their self-confidence and represent a major step towards equal rights for women. By utilizing the women’s sewing and embroidering skills and creativity, valuable textiles combining tradition and modernity are created. After our premiere on the catwalk in Arusha in 2011 and our show opening on the property of Hatari Lodge in the same year, we were proud to present our Peacock-Collection – Kilimanjaro meets the Alps at Maridadi Fashion Show on the 6th of October 2012 in Dar es Salaam.

Initiated in 2007 in a tent on the property of Hatari Lodge with 10 mamas, the project grew year by year with the ambitious support of European volunteers who assisted our local women. Currently, the project employs five tailors and 30 mamas. Because of the success of their work, the women have become more self-confident and with their revenue from Mama Momella Project, now greatly contribute to their family income.

The Mama Momella Peacock Collection – Kilimanjaro meets the Alps

At the Maridadi Fashion Show in October 2012 we were proud to present our second collection. We dedicate this collection to the peacock feather, as it stunningly represents the aims of Mama Momella. The peacock is seen as a symbol of beauty. The multiple eyes on the peacock's feathers symbolize the sun, the moon, the stars and planets and therefore, the whole universe. When he turns his magnificent tail, it is seen to represent the wheel of life. Because of its ability to eat poisonous plants without harm, in Tibetan mythology the peacock symbolizes the principle of turning all evil into goodness. The peacock’s eye represents awareness. In Hinduism, the peacock embodies the character of the goddess Lakshmi, representing patience, happiness and kindness. The MamaMomella Peacock Collection is committed to all these attributes and rules of behavior. We manufacture special bed covers embroidered by hand with traditional African wildlife, forest and ocean life motifs to create greater awareness of the highly endangered environment of Tanzania and the world.

The Collection itself is divided into different branches.

'Kilimanjaro meets the Alps': European traditional costume style mixed with African materials to create new synergies. Colourful blouses and flared skirts, which are wrapped around the body stand beside swanky dresses. The peacock feather as ornament or embroidery decorates most of the collection's pieces. The textiles are made using original Maasai Shuka cloth, hand woven cotton, colourful Tanzanian Kitenge and Kenyan Kikoi cloth as well as from internationally famous Morogoro cotton canvas and denim all completed with linen, chiffon or velvet for borders and embroidered with colourful knitting yarn.

We are proud of this new collection originated by the designer Marlies Gabriel. Together with dedicated volunteer support by tailor Gerlinde Staudinger of Salzburg, Austria and the diligence of five tailors and 30 mamas of the Mama Momella Project, a gorgeous portrayal of Tanzanian culture has been created.

At our exclusive online shop you can buy our bed linen, bed throws and coverlets made from traditional East African fabrics, towels, scattered pillow cases and tablecloths embroidered with African motifs, table runners and place mats made from copper and glass beads in the Maasai style or lovingly designed bags.




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