Despite efforts to improve the governmental educational facilities, Tanzania suffers from a drastic shortage of free and accessible, high quality educational opportunities. This is especially the case in rural areas like the Momella region. Lack of resources allows only about 50% of students attending Government Schools to finish Primary School. Less than 3% of these then finish Secondary School. Children attending local schools often walk hours to reach school, where they are met with overcrowded classrooms, underpaid teachers, and limited utensils. Besides a few expensive private institutions, there are no government funded kindergartens or pre-schools in Tanzania. WatotoMomella proposes to provide the first, free of charge Pre-school/Kindergarten in this region. The Watoto Momella Preschool, in cooperation with the Ngorika Primary School, provides the children of Momella with the otherwise highly improbable opportunity to excel in the highest possible education available in the area. By doing this, we aim to empower the community, creating the future leaders of Momella, tomorrow.